As natural as walking barefoot

In order to create the ideal footwear for children, Bibi has pioneered scientific research on the subject.From this, it's created the concept and physiological shoes, which give the child the sensation of walking barefoot. Approved by the Brazilian Association of Ankle and Foot Medicine and Surgery.

from head to toe

More stimulation: 

by stimulating the nerve endings of the foot, it activates neurological functions and sensory perception.

Healthy Posture: 

contributes to the correct development of posture.

Healthy legs: 

it contributes to the natural formation of the legs.

Safe base: 

the base of the body, the foot, develops freely and healthy, with more natural stimuli.

Bibi for each phase

Baby | up to 1 year: even without walking, the little feet need protection. Bibi's models are made of light, super-soft leather with few seams for all the protection, comfort and lightness required.

Mini | from 1 to 4 years: More stimuli ask for light, flexible and super soft footwear. Bibi's footwear has anti-skidding soles and guarantees safety, strength and stability.

Kids | more than 4 years: Discover all the stability and resistance that a shoe can provide. With Bibi, the child feels barefoot and has assistance for the development in the most natural way possible.