As natural as we can be

We have developed a special control for our products, using only materials that are in accordance with international standards, and that don't influence the health of the children. The goal of the brand, in addition to developing products so that the little ones can enjoy every step, is to take care of the natural and healthy development of each moment of the children's life.

Bibi, in partnership with IBTeC, Brazilian Institute of Leather, Footwear and Artefacts Technology, monitors all its materials in a way to only use those that comply with international standards for toxic substances, ensuring the healthy development of children and the tranquillity of fathers and mothers.

What are the toxic substances?

They are chemicals controlled by legislation because they are known to cause adverse effects on health and the environment.

Did you know?

Currently, the companies that regulate these substances point to the existence of more than 9 thousand items that can cause problems to health and the environment, and that are present in the most diverse products that we use in our day to day lives.