Ways to care


We have some cleaning tips for children's shoes that will help keep your Bibi always beautiful!


Always Clean

Remove excess dirt with a spatula and then use a cloth to finish cleaning.
  • • Leather and Nobuck: Clean without water, only with a soft cloth, sponge or brush. It is recommended to clean the soles with a soft bristle brush and wipe them with a damp cloth.
  • • Inner Insoles: leather insoles should be cleaned with a damp cloth. If the insole is in fabric, wash it with neutral soap and dry on the shade, naturally, never in the dryer.
  • • Fabrics and Synthetics: Carefully use a damp cloth.


Always Scented

To prevent the appearance of odour-causing fungi that deteriorate the footwear, remove the insole and store the shoes in a cool, dry place. For sweat to be completely desorbed, it is recommended to wear the shoes every other day.



Bibi has a 90 days warranty against factory defects counting from the date of purchase, it's just presenting the tax coupon in the store of origin. Once the technical fault has been proven, the product will be replaced by the same or similar product. Damage caused by improper use, natural wear, improper washing or drying does not give the right to exchange.

*Valid only for Brazil.


Do not use aggressive substances such as alcohol, detergents or solvents. Never soak your shoes in the water and dry them in the shade. Do not stock shoes for more than a year, as raw materials may undergo changes such as unsticking or decomposing. Metallized or printed uppers and insoles suffer from natural wear and tear, as well as lined, painted or chromated heels and details. In these cases, the exchange will not be made, as it is not a manufacturing defect


Lights do not match with water, so avoid wearing shoes that have lights or led on rainy days, do not step into puddles or soak them in water when cleaning. Technological products deserve special care because they have delicate finishes and therefore, be very careful when connecting the USB charging cable to the trainers, since pressures on the connector can damage the device.

To always shine

Shoes with stones, rhinestones or embellishments should not be exposed to temperatures above 60°C in order not to have the bonding compromised.
Avoid friction and knocks on finishes, because with impact they can break or unglue. Ornaments and details in metal or ABS (rivets and spikes) are delicate, being subject to damages, so in case of impact or friction, the breaking or tearing of these finishes will not be considered defects.