Bibi has been crafting quality children's shoes for more than 65 years. The detailed process of producing our shoes guarantees for the happy and natural development of the little ones. Everyday in Parobé (RS) and Cruz das Almas (BA), Bibi devotes to develop and manufacture the best of children's shoes. We know that for children to grow up happy and healthy, they need to be kids. More than shoes, we make children feel free to be who they are, naturally.

Nontoxic to be more natural

At Bibi, the natural development of children is serious business and the forefront of everything we do! All raw materials of our accessories and footwear are nontoxic, ensuring healthy child development.

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Natural like walking barefoot

Bibi takes so much care when it comes to children's health, conducting studies with pediatricians, orthopedists and other child health specialists in Brazil, to develop the best footwear for children. From these studies, we developed the exclusive Fisioflex Bibi insole, which gives the sensation of walking barefoot.

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It is more resistant than synthetic materials and protects the feet as a second skin. It provides more perspiration and is more sustainable, because it is not created from oil. It also provides more durability.

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